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Mobile snippets

OH HAIIII. So inactive on the blog ;(
Got to make it a point to post some thoughts and ramblings so it'll be good to look back in the future
Been missing out too much points to note, and it doesn't help that I've got a very bad memory, solely relying on pictures all the time to jot down memories
The pictures are sooo out of the place cuz I used the blogger app.

I'm DONE with alllll my assignments! There was one week when I was soo sooo busy, I had like 4 deadlines in a week. It wasn't funny at all, but you know bad things always come to an end, so does good things lol
AND DONNY. Hahahaha he came over like without notice, before he boarded the plane?
Omg heart attack when I saw his whatsapp. So we toured Sydney's same ol' touristy spots and I ate out every single day, bad for the wallet and the fats :(

Like I said, good things comes to an end as well... EXAMS ARE NEARING T_T

Anw, snippets of zhao pians


Hehehehe pris and I made Green Tea White Chocolate Marble Cake :3 LOVE IT!

Random day at Broadway Gym

Frisbee celebratory dinner :> It was a really fun night!
Yakult soju at Haru Korean Restaurant ~.~
A really cool looking bookshop in NewTown
Winter is coming. Idk why but it was so exceptionally cold when Donny came over. And now, the weather is like the start of autumn almost
Hahahaha the last time I came here, it was with a tour bus. So I had no idea where this was except that it was near Blue Mountains. So, it happened that it wasn't exactly at Blue Mountains, so we took a train and cab to reach this secret place which it SOOO underrated seriously. Worth it!

My homies, at Fish Market. MMMMHMM Sashimi
Chur Burger at Surry Hills with Pris after we rented the goget car and I drove her to her bone doctor place LOLOL

Going all out with the burgers, fries and milkshake. :/

Hahahah space team. 

Ohhh this was really long ago. Bacon egg rolls ^_^

Hai Sharine! This is nutella oreo brownie... Hai hao 

HEY look there's two pris's in this photo. Pris chua and Pris Sung
OOOH this one was even long ago.. It was during our one week break in April? And we had a road trip to Jindabyne! Snowy mountains! Pretty fun, and it was my first experience having my own road trip with friends with a car and all, plus I drove in in the mountains for the first time too! And reached 140km/hr, I almost died keeping up T_T
HEHEHE saw youtube guru Chloe Morello in Broadway Coles. Lucky lucky
My didi's POP which I couldnt attend hahahaha, but this was when he was in Pes C
Now he has upgraded to Pes B and is taking BMT once again so I think I can make it for his POP this time hahahaha

Thai food~ Chat Thai ^_^

Months ago when I just had my nose pierced. Omg it dropped out one night the next day after I pierced and I couldnt put it back in for 2 hours T_T Gave up and went back to pierce again T_T So painful the second time round and so total piercing costs is $80 T_T   AUD T_T

Doesn't this korean chicken from Seoul-ria look omnomnom.. Ate so much korean chicken in Sydney already hahahah but I'm not complaining ^_^

Act yi ge