Sunday, August 28, 2016

August going September

Holy shiatttt its going September :O
Can time just hold up?

Been so long since I've updated this personal space heh. Recording my random thoughts down here once in a while, for myself, hahahah
1 September 2016 marks the first year anniversary of working in KP. Work life hasn't actually been mundane, in actual fact, quite an emotional rollercoaster. Why so?? I guess things are just more happening hahahaha and dealing with so many people throughout the past year.
Hmm, I'm not saying I'm a workaholic though, nothing like that LOL. But I guess I have to chill with my thoughts and take things easy, easier said than done, though I always say I do.
So many things to do, so little time, so little money!
Treasure all the little things that happen every single day. And try to put an positive attitude forward, bcuz what's the point of feeling negative, honestly.
Don't have to impress everybody also, just do what's best for yourself and in the right way.

Idk what's there to come in the next year. Take it step by step as always.
Pic from Tai Dong, Taiwan as of August 2016. 
Dont even bother posting pics here anymore cuz so many pictures, so little time hahaha

(WTSHIT the last time i posted was one year ago??? I died)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Goodbye Sydney

Oh ma goodness. Two years flew past like this.
Probably the minimal updates on this blog made it seem like time passed by quicker. It felt just like yesterday when I arrived in Sydney, and bawled my eyes out feeling homesick haha.

I would say I really felt like home in Sydney only in the third semester. I mean like truly home ish.
But it was SO FUN. Thank you Sydney, and my amazeballs friends , and mom dad uncle axel, for allowing me to experience this. Omg feeling emo talking about this.
Well, this is something money can buy I guess lol

Officially packed and left on 26 July 2015. Chilled a month in Sydney, and now a month in singapore, before I officially start another chapter of my life. Or more like, endless story of working T.T

Gonna update more pics with pics of my last semester :)

Random piccas here and there!
Literally the start of the sem during O week. Omg felt like yesterday T.T

At some beach i forgot the name hahahah

Weekly frisbee. KINDA miss it :)

Day at Sadhana kitchen for vegan foooood

 Then we went to some lookout near the rocks :)

 I miss youuuuu Sydney

 COOGEE beach :)
 Fort party ;)

 FINALLY skydived :D

 Melbourne trip with Monique! To find Chris and Pau and Huixian :)

 Sem BBQ. Pris and I drew that :)
 Moonlight cinema with pris :)
 With birds in the sky!
 HAHA i remember this day. Went to this IDP event to collect FREE movie tickets hehehhh
 Me want purpur hairrrrr
 Only lasted for a while~
 Jervis bay and Nowra where we stayed at Rachel's AirBNB. Basically went back to Jervis bay for the second timeeeee. But it was fun
 Act one yogi
 The crew hahahaa
 Marc pimping
 Hahahahahaha jokes
 Paddle boarded. FUNNNN

 Easter show! With our freshies
 Nth much there honestly. But an experience is enoughhhh
 When Jas visited in April :)

 IVG 2015. Second IVG and frisbee won 1st and 2nd place again ^^

 Lots of lurveeeee

 My BUSS3500 group!
 When Chelsa came when she had flights to sydney. Twice!!
 Benn's birthday!
 Frisbee celebratory dinner ^^
 Catchup with my primary 4 class friends :) Susan and Cassandra. Both studying in Syd tooooo. But a doctor and a pharmacist hahaha
 Vivid period :) Silent discoooo, was fun!

 Chariene joined us :)
 Fast forward to Atlantis, during the start of student vacation. WAS FUNNNN.

 Hahaha :)
 Eat clean train meannnnn
 Erica was doing her internship in Syd!
 Fast forward to after exams. The night after the last BUSS exam, which sucked hahaha
Zhiying's birthday that day :)
 Had karaoke!!!
Luna park with pris and friends!

Monique and chris. Had breakfast with them at Bowery Lane :)
Banzai came to visit!
Went to the light show at the Contemp Museum
We went for a 1 night trip to Port Stephens :)
HAHA damn act. Na xie nian

Cosmic gate night! Was fun. Could be my last rave in Syd haha
Hahahaha the theme was white. Everyone had to wear white to enter lol
With jono's friend, Andrew. Pretty strong to be able to carry me hahaha
Pris, jono and friends

High tea day!
LOVE U KASHIWA <3 br="">
Random run day

With Benn. At Balmoral beach that day!

Snowboarding trip ^^ Loved it! I actually like snowboarding. It was so tough at first though
V tranquil and peaceful when you're amidst fallen snow :)
But I hurt my tailbone real bad, which still hurts after like a month now.
With the 'Seven' Lodge house mates

With Aaron and Edgar!

The crew.

Chirath treated us to dinner at his work place. Enjoyed it a lot. Super nice guy, glad to have met in in since first semester

Hahahahahaha this day was funny.

Drinking and Ivy with Chris monique and friends, brought along jolene and winnie toooo
Hahahahha thai kaya toast night. Thanks marc and pearls for going with me <3 p="">
And brunch hahahahaha

El Jannah chicken with Andrew. Was gooooooood
Picnic at La Perouse :)
Hahahah PJ NIGHT :)

With Ruth and Cons <3 br="">

Belly bao! I liked it!! :)

Picture from long agoooooo
Mike rach were back! Went to HayBerry for heart attack lunch
Jolene and Winnie joined after :)
Farewell dinner :) Thansk marc's mom for the treat!!!
Goodbye :'(

Me ish back. Thanks ma friends for picking me up too :')
Back for good.
Looking sad cuz I'm back here hahahaha keeedz