Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thursday, January 02, 2014


Say WHATTTTT its 2014!! I'm turning 21 this year oh my goodness!!!!
21... eh....21 eh.... Its the age of entering adulthood.. Its the age we have talked about since a young teen...
Still, I feel no obligations as an 'adult'. We are still so young at heart, so childish and immature.
Its so selfish to say I want to stay as a teen forever and never grow up, never wanting to be judged by the world as an adult.
Change is the only constant. Its time to accept the fact? That we have to embrace the shaping of an adult, accept change and let yourself grow.

Looking back at 2013.. Everyday, it seems that nothing has changed, but 2013 was indeed a life changing year for me. So many first's, so many new experiences, and things I've learnt.

Last years birthday in 2012.. eh no last last years.. wtffff..
Okay, the first thing in 2013 was prolly cutting my hair short from its long assed state.

First graduation trip

Graduation from Temasek Poly

First full marathon... and last LOL 
Okay I wouldn't speak for the future, near future lol. 

I'm so proud of this achievement so I must post 3 pictures hahahaha

First trip to USS. And with my colleagues at real food :)

First long term part time job at Real Food 
Met a bunch of really awesome people, they are so generous it really shows me a new perspective with my kiam siap-ness hahaha

Farewell dinner with the closest bunch
I really willy like this photo, very natural and happy ^_^

First time on G-MAX with mich. Hahaha it was impromptu and that made it every more fun!

Outings with important people before I left, and I treasure
I think this marks our first official cousin cafe hopping? Haha

Hmmm I don't know how I would've spent my poly days without them :) 

Them too :) 

Two colleagues from real food :) Yvonne and Henny

The day I left for Sydney! First time I was going abroad for a a longer period of time, and alone.

 Family and friends I love and hold dearly.

First time to Sydney. And starting university there.. And feeling emotions that I wouldn't feel in Singapore. And making a new bunch of new friends.  
Missing SG food like I never did LOL

Lastly, turning 20 in December. 

YEP. So I guess it has been a pretty happening year. And nope I haven't gotten pretty, skinny or had made a boyfriend hahahahaha. 
2013 was pretty good to me, although there were some downs as well. I welcome 2014 with open arms and I wish the best this year. I'll be experiencing more new stuffs as well, and hopefully I embrace them well. 


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day ❤

Life since I've been back. Been a little over a month, back to work on the 3rd week already hahaha I obviously can't rot at home all the time. Been working flexy hours though, like 3 days a week so its all gooooood. Have been spending a lot of quality time with my friends  
 That night we went to eat cut curry chicken and TCC at clarke quay ;)

 Random zouk night?
 Birthday :)
 Our happy in-between birthday ;)
 Thanks for the treat abel and ode :)

 Her birthday's 3rd dec and mine's 1st. we always meet on the 2nd to celebrate heehe  

 With miss SIA Chelsa   

Date at Wimbly Lu! First time there and I loved it :)

Dinner with Jaryl and Nat :)

Date with emma rahimah~ At penny's university!

Grasshopper pieeee

Sushi express that day with jas, ting and donny! Proceeded to acid bar after that :) We felt so young in the crowd hehe


12 Dec we flew to bangkok for 4 days 3 nights :)


 Laura was there too :)

Went to RCA to check the pub and clubs out

A&W at Union mall as always

With kangxi :)

Highly raved pork rice and wanton mee opposite platinum mall :) It was gud!

I ate this almost every morning. Sweet potato ballZZZZ OM NOM NOMZZZ

Checked out the highly raved After you cafe at Siam paragon too. Not that bad!

Home bound. Bangkok city lights

Manicure at union mall alwaysss

Back to real food. First meal back hehe

Impromptu chilling with mich at Wimbly Lu. She loves it there tooo

Another date with mich at Lola cafe. It's so crowded now damn annoying :(

Went to mink for the first time too! With alex, kenneth, michelle, huiting and my brother's first time clubbing hehehehe